Monthly Archives: February 2012

Paragon Drive Copy 11

One of the things I absolutely hate about upgrading my hardware is the 12 hours of reinstalling all my software and reloading my data. But Paragon has a software package that dramatically eases the pain of hardware upgrades. I will soon be upgrading my computer and I intend to use this software to migrate all my data and programs. Today only there is an offer from Giveaway Of The Day for a free copy of the program, though it has limited support and is missing one feature – the WinPE recovery media. The download is available HERE.

I would recommend that you obtain the free copy of the program and create a backup of your system for security purposes, if nothing else.

Update Your Video Player

If you are not using VLC, you should be. It’s the best free video player available. And it’s free. I rely on it. It plays the broadest range of video formats of any player available at no cost and it does it very well. Now VLC has released version 2.0 which has been commletely rewritten and, hopefully, is better than ever. Get it now at
Oh, and it works for Mac and Linux as well as Windows.