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RSS Setup

Instructions   1 Determine where to locate the RSS feed button. In most themes, RSS feeds are pre-installed in the sidebar — “sidebar.php” — or footer — “footer.php” — file. 2 Open the desired file with a text editor. Find either file in the “\wordpress\wp-content\themes\ThemeName” folder. 3 Insert the following code in the file before Continue Reading...
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Upgrade Your Site’s Typography

Recently there have been some very exciting developments in website typography. We are no longer limited to the fonts currently installed on the viewer’s computer! We’ve always used different fonts within images, but these are not accessible by search engines such as Google or Yahoo, so they are of very limited value. For the great Continue Reading...
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Major News That Could Affect You

There were two major news items reported today with potential for affecting you. First, 450,000 Yahoo accounts were hacked today. If you have a Yahoo account,  you need to change your password now. If you use that same password anywhere else, you need to change those passwords as well. While you’re doing that, make sure Continue Reading...
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Personal Computer Security

Personal computer security is essential – and even more so if you access administrative functions for your website. Viruses and trojans on your personal computer may lead to compromised security on your website – especially if you are not careful in your selection and maintenance of passwords. For this reason and many others, it is Continue Reading...
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Recommended WordPress Templates

There are literally thousands of WordPress templates available. A template presents a structure into which you place your own copy and images to build your website. The structural work is done for you, saving a great number of hours (and dollars!). Developers create templates with a specific purpose in mind, so the key is to Continue Reading...
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