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How to Hire a Web Developer Part 01

Web sites are not optional for the vast majority of businesses anymore. Without a website, no one will find your business because no one uses the Yellow Pages anymore – they go straight to Google or BING or whatever their favorite search engine is that week. And even if they did find you in the Continue Reading...
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March Special – WordPress Upgrade

The newest release of WordPress is a security update for WordPress 3.3 which features improved performance and ease-of-use. WordPress now supports drag-and-drop uploading as well as built-in support for many of the most popular features that formerly required plug-ins. Virtual Websource recommends updating to the latest release of WordPress, primarily for security reasons but we Continue Reading...
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Paragon Drive Copy 11

One of the things I absolutely hate about upgrading my hardware is the 12 hours of reinstalling all my software and reloading my data. But Paragon has a software package that dramatically eases the pain of hardware upgrades. I will soon be upgrading my computer and I intend to use this software to migrate all Continue Reading...
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Update Your Video Player

If you are not using VLC, you should be. It’s the best free video player available. And it’s free. I rely on it. It plays the broadest range of video formats of any player available at no cost and it does it very well. Now VLC has released version 2.0 which has been commletely rewritten Continue Reading...
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Stopping the Spam Robots – Captcha and Re-Captcha

I don’t like CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) . Most of them are difficult to figure out and sometimes – especially with Google – I have to try four or five times to get it right. But the spam robots must be stopped, so CAPTCHA  is one of the better Continue Reading...
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