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Yet Another Router Security Issue

A serious flaw in an estimated 1.2 million routers has been discovered that lets hackers into your home or office network – they can even take control of your network. The problem lies with a feature called NAT-PMP (Network Address Translation – Port Mapping Protocol) which allows you – or someone else – easily setup Continue Reading...
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Heartbleed – What to do and what not to do

HeartBleed What is it? Heartbleed is the name that has been given to an extremely dangerous vulnerability in OpenSSL. OpenSSL is a protocol used on about two-thirds of the world’s websites including the FBI’s site, probably your bank’s website and your internet service providers servers. There has been vulnerability in this protocol for the last Continue Reading...
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Domain Registration Prices and Other Issues

Two common errors, in my opinion, that many people make are these: 1.  they register their domain with their webhost 2.  they use the e-mail service provided by their ISP The reason that these are bad decisions are that webhosts and ISPs are frequently changed. Let’s consider the domain registration first. If your domain is Continue Reading...
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RSS Setup

Instructions   1 Determine where to locate the RSS feed button. In most themes, RSS feeds are pre-installed in the sidebar — “sidebar.php” — or footer — “footer.php” — file. 2 Open the desired file with a text editor. Find either file in the “\wordpress\wp-content\themes\ThemeName” folder. 3 Insert the following code in the file before Continue Reading...
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